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  • Liz Hoobchaak

Blueberry Basil Smoothie Bowl

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Smoothie bowls are so simple, delicious and versatile and you can customize them to any flavor you want. I typically add mint to my smoothies, but I love the blueberry and basil flavor combination for my smoothie bowls. The bananas and yogurt help to thicken it so it is easily eaten with a spoon.

There are so many options for toppings including sliced bananas, berries, nuts, granola, coconut flakes, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds or even a drizzle of nut butter for added protein. Smoothie bowls are a perfect filling meal to start your day and keep you going.


3 ripe bananas

1 cup of frozen or fresh blueberries*

1 cup of coconut milk or unsweetened nut milk

1.5 cups of plain yogurt (I used homemade 24 hour fermented lactose-free yogurt)

1 tbsp fresh squeezed lemon juice

6 fresh basil leaves

* Since I do not blend ice in this recipe, I prefer to use frozen blueberries to add a bit of chill to my smoothie bowl.


Place all ingredients in a high speed blender and blend into a smoothie. Pour into a bowl, garnish with your favorite toppings and enjoy!

This recipe yields approximately 4 servings.

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