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  • Liz Hoobchaak

Honey Yogurt with Fresh Figs

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Fresh Figs are in Season!

I get very excited when I see fresh figs in my local grocery store. My kids even do a happy dance when I come home with them. They are only around for a few weeks out of the year and that means we try to get our fill of them every day.

Aside from being delicious, figs are a great source of calcium, iron and potassium. They have the highest mineral and fiber content of all common fruits / veggies which makes them a superfood. The fiber helps to promote a healthy digestive system, decrease constipation and serves as a prebiotic which help promote healthy gut bacteria. But don’t over-do them…just a few figs a day will provide you with these benefits. Too many figs and you may end up with digestive upset.

Our absolute favorite way of eating them is served on top of a honey yogurt for breakfast. It also makes for a beautiful sweet dessert that is impressive to serve to guests. For dessert, simply place cut figs on a plate and drizzle some yogurt and honey on top.

The yogurt bowl pictured is my homemade 24-hour fermented yogurt. Following the Specific Carbohydrate diet (SCD), homemade yogurt is a staple because it is such an excellent source of a probiotic and full of gut friendly bacteria, is lactose free and is very easy to digest for an inflamed gut. The SCD yogurt is actually quite easy to make and is absolutely delicious. More information on homemade yogurt to come!

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