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  • Liz Hoobchaak

Homemade Waffle Bowls

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Summer isn’t complete until I make a batch of waffle bowls for the kids! These gluten, lactose and sugar-free bowls and are a healthy treat made with only a few simple ingredients and come together in less than 15 minutes.

This recipe does require a waffle cone maker but once you taste how scrumptious these are, you are sure to use it often all year round. You can find a waffle iron for relatively cheap and most come with a bowl or cone shaper to make it super easy.


2 eggs

2 tbsp coconut oil, melted

2 tbsp honey

3/4 cup almond flour

1/4 tsp salt

Coconut oil spray for cooking


  1. Preheat your waffle cone iron to a medium heat

  2. Whisk all ingredients together in a bowl

  3. When waffle iron is ready, spray the surface with coconut oil and place 1-2 tbsp of batter in the middle. Close the lid and cook for 45-60 seconds.

  4. Use a spatula to remove the waffle and place it over the bowl shaper. Let set for 1 minute.

  5. If you desire a crunchier texture, you can place these on a baking tray and place in the oven on the lowest heat setting for 1 hour.

  6. Fill with your favorite ice cream and enjoy!

The ice cream pictured is my favorite dairy and sugar-free vanilla ice cream @eatfronen. Made with only 4 simple healthy ingredients, it is delicious!

This recipe makes about 6 waffle bowls. Each waffle maker heats slightly different and may vary in size. Be patient the first time you make this recipe as it may take a few attempts to get the heating setting, amount of batter and timing just right.

These can be eaten as a great breakfast treat too, just simply fill with yogurt and fruit and top with a drizzle of honey. Yum!

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