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  • Liz Hoobchaak

Homemade Gummy Bears

These cute little bears are made with all natural ingredients and completely refined sugar-free. These are fun for the kids to help make and take less than 15 minutes.

I’ll never understand why candy and other food marketed towards kids in our country is allowed to contain harmful ingredients including food dyes. Some of these same ingredients are banned in other countries due to their link to cancer, chronic health conditions and behavioural issues in kids.

Gummy bears are a perfect example. In Germany, where Haribo is headquartered, they don't use food dyes for color. Instead they use REAL plant and herbal extract such as juice from an apple, raspberry, orange, spinach,

mango and black currant.

Why in our country do we find these ingredients on the label: yellow 5, red 40 and blue 1? Our kids deserve better.

Try these and you’ll see how yummy and easy they are!


1 cup of organic juice for each color*

1/3 cup gelatin**

2 Tbsp honey

2 Tbsp lemon juice

* I used orange juice and a mix of apple juice and pomegranate juice. I always ensure the juices do not have any added sugar.

** I use a good quality gelatin that was made from pasture raised, grass fed cattle.


  1. Place each juice in a separate saucepan and heat on low / medium until slightly bubbling.

  2. Slowly whisk in the gelatin until it is fully incorporated. You must go slow to prevent clumping.

  3. Remove from heat and add in lemon juice and honey and stir.

  4. Use a fine mesh sieve and strain the liquid into a glass container.

  5. Place silicone gummy bear molds on a baking tray for easy transfer.

  6. Use a small syringe or suction bulb to suck up the liquid and place in silicone gummy bear molds.

  7. Place in fridge for 45-60 minutes until set then enjoy!

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