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If you are passionate about taking a personalized holistic approach to managing your symptoms of autoimmunity and resolving your gut distress, then you are in the right place.  Together, we can make lasting changes in your health so you don’t have to settle with the symptoms that are holding you back.

Hello, I'm Liz!

Liz Hoobchaak

I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Certified Integrative Autoimmune Nutrition Specialist. I specialize in Nutritional Therapy for Inflammatory Bowel Disease and other intestinal disorders but also work with individuals with various health concerns to help manage and prevent symptoms of chronic illness. As a passionate foodie who values clean eating and a healthy lifestyle, my focus is on providing you the education and tools you need to achieve optimal health through a whole food-as-medicine approach.


With my background as an Orthopedic Physical Therapist, I incorporate a functional whole body approach by addressing all key areas of healing. I look at the body as a whole rather than a collection of symptoms. Along with nutritional counseling, we will address pain and stress management, mindset, sleep hygiene, joint and muscle dysfunction, appropriate fitness levels and environmental detoxification. 


Our food and lifestyle choices have an immense impact on our overall health, especially for those living with a chronic illness. I hope that by working with me you find the inspiration and direction to make positive and sustainable changes that will have a lasting impact on your health. You no longer need to research endlessly to figure out what direction is right for you. I will lead the way and tailor your road map for your specific needs. 

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How Can Nutritional Therapy Help You?

Nutritional Therapy uses an evidence-based foundational and individual approach to functional, holistic nutrition to balance body chemistry and achieve optimal wellness. It supports the body’s innate ability to heal by addressing the importance of nutrient-dense food, culinary wellness and lifestyle choices including social and personal components that influence health.

With the rising prevalence of autoimmune disease, the role of the gut microbiome in disease development has become a major area of study.  Recent advances have shown a possible cause and effect relationship between gut dysfunction and the initiation or exacerbation of an autoimmune condition. 

When living with an autoimmune disease, dealing with uncomfortable, and often debilitating, symptoms can really take a toll on your quality of life. Nutrition can play a critical role in managing these symptoms since certain foods can trigger inflammation, degrade the intestinal wall and worsen symptoms. Other foods have been shown to reduce the inflammation that is caused by the autoimmune disease and strengthen the integrity of the intestinal lining.  By making these dietary changes, you can reduce overall bodily inflammation, boost your immune system and improve your overall health and well-being. 

Are you longing to get your life back and experience more energy to get through your day and do the things that you enjoy

Do you want to reduce chronic gut-related symptoms, such as abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea and constipation?

Do you feel overwhelmed about all the conflicting information on the internet about different therapeutic diets and are questioning what is right for you

Would you like to increase confidence with food choices by knowing the right foods to prepare for yourself while having personalized support and meal plan guidance?

Would you like to minimize flares and know the best ways to holistically treat them to decrease reliance on medications that may have lasting side-effects? 

Are you wondering how your environment and lifestyle may be contributing to your difficulty of achieving and remaining in remission?

If you answered yes to any of these questions.....

Then Nutritional Therapy is right for you!


Autoimmune conditions and other gut-related disorders can be extremely challenging to manage by yourself. Let me help educate you on how nutritional therapy plays an integral role in management of your symptoms. There is not a one-size-fits-all nutrition plan since everyone's circumstances are unique.  It is about finding out what works best for you while implementing some evidence based approaches that are effective in helping you minimize symptoms and achieve long-term overall health. 


Together we will explore ways to eliminate sources of gut inflammation while restoring proper nutrition and vital nutrients to help support your body towards rebuilding healthy gut tissue. By assessing all areas of your lifestyle, (nutrition, exercise, mindset, stress management and sleep patterns) I will empower you with the tools you need to achieve and maintain sustained remission of your symptoms. 

To learn more about the connection between autoimmunity and gut health, click here:

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My Approach

My 5R protocol for gut healing uses a functional approach to address all aspects of your gut health, improving symptoms while also tackling the root cause of dysfunction. This program is individualized to directly target your issue based on your symptoms and distinct needs. This 5R approach lays the foundation for maintaining gut health by supporting your overall wellbeing. 



Eliminate inflammatory and trigger foods, minimize environmental toxins and chemical irritants that may be the source of inflammation in the gut. Remove the bad bacteria to allow the healthy gut bacteria to thrive and survive.

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 Restore vital nutrients and healthy gut bacteria which may be replete as a result of chronic poor digestive health. Support the liver in a natural detoxification process through proper nutrition and supplements.

herbs and spices


 Empowering the body to reach its full healing potential by aiming to rebuild healthy gut tissue, normalize motility and lab work, maintain a healthy weight and improve tolerance and relationship with food.

Balancing Rocks


Examine the pillars of a balanced healthy lifestyle including exercise habits, stress management, sleep patterns and mindset to empower you with the tools to achieve your overall health potential.

Image by Neal E. Johnson


Achieve and maintain long-term clinical and histological symptom remission to be able to lead a fulfilling and rewarding life.

Let's Work Together!

To help you

Nourish ~ Heal ~ Thrive


Interested in more education on all things autoimmune and gut health related including delicious recipes? 

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